Polymer Research & Technology

Troubleshooting & Analysis

Artecs can apply a wide range of techniques to analyse polymers, determine material properties and to identify product or material failure.

We will collaborate with your experts to identify the problem and devise an action plan. We are able to perform fast, flexible and cost-effective troubleshooting and material analysis.


Techniques applied for customers

Examples of the techniques frequently applied for our customers include:


Infrared analysis

Electron microscopy

Tensile experiments

Mechanical testing

DSC analysis

Elemental X-ray analysis

TGA analysis

1H and 13C NMR analysis

Good advice and conclusion

Our scientific approach and good analysis of the data allow us to offer you good, clear advice. This can include:


Quality control

Contamination detection

Thermal stability of products

Research into crack behaviour

Mechanical integrity

Creep behaviour of products

Chemical resistance