Polymer Research & Technology

Welcome to Artecs

Originally a spin-off company from the University of Twente, Artecs BV has since developed into a high-tech research company with high-quality expertise in the field of polymer technology.

Artecs can provide knowledge and services in all areas related to polymers, such as thermoplastics, rubbers, thermoplastic elastomers, and coatings: from problem analysis of polymer-based products to the development of entirely new materials and products.


Troubleshooting & Analysis

Artecs can apply a wide range of techniques to analyse polymers, determine material properties and to identify product or material failure.

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Material & processing

Artecs has high-tech polymer processing equipment at its disposal, enabling compounding on scales ranging from a few grammes to hundreds of kilos. Extrusion is performed using twin-screw or single-screw extruders and film extrusion is also possible.

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Artecs R&D

Besides for their own use, Artecs also develops new technologies and products for their customers.

Indeed, Artecs seeks to build and maintain lasting relationships with their customers’ R&D departments.

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Artecs Products

Over the years, a variety of polymer materials have been developed and launched thanks to Artecs’ own R&D department.


Our mission

Artecs aims to provide comprehensive support for your R&D programme or production process, based on our scientific knowledge and many years of practical experience. Our flexible approach and capacity to apply a wide range of scientific techniques form the basis for successful cooperation. Artecs has set itself the objective of acting as a bridge between polymer science and the plastics industry.

Furthermore, Artecs has its own R&D programme in which innovative materials, products and technologies are developed and marketed.